BB Cares

BB CARES (Community Activities Rallying Everyone to Serve) is an annual community service project, which seeks to involve the entire BB membership in fun and meaningful activities. An estimated 5,000 Boys from 106 Schools will be involved, reaching out to over 5,000 beneficiaries all over Singapore.


Engage BB Stakeholders to serve alongside with the Boys.

Organise activities with our Mission and Beliefs to nurture Youths to serve and lead the Community.

Provide fun, innovative and meaningful activities to the Community.

Our Concept

Fun, Innovative & Meaningful Community Involvement Projects

The Boys’ Brigade will work with organisations to plan and organise community activities that meet the objectives of the project. For example, our Boys have organised visits to local attractions and treating their adopted beneficiaries for a day of fun, with food and gifts. More importantly, they build bonds with the beneficiaries.

Our Mission


Advocate for causes, collaborate with organizations, and achieve objectives effectively by building strong, long-term relationships. At the end of the activity, Companies will submit post event reports with details on the Boys’ experiences. We also actively seek feedback from the organisations for continuous improvement.

Rallying Others to Serve

BB CARES aims to “rally everyone to serve”. We welcome volunteers to partner Boys for this project. This includes a wide network of individuals and organisations, such as parents of BB Boys, Schools and Churches that sponsor BB Companies, Alumni and community groups. Not only does this raise the efficacy of our community service efforts, it also helps us to raise awareness of the needs in our society.

Developing Our Youths

BB CARES is a wonderful learning opportunity for our Boys. Values-in-Action, a teaching strategy that engages participants in a systematic process to discover important values behind every service, is incorporated into the project to enhance the Boys’ Learning. They learn values of gratitude, compassion and leadership skills along the way.